Our new early conciliation notification service

We are in the process of moving to an improved version of our early conciliation notification service.

Gently does it ...

We are introducing the new service gradually whilst keeping the older service running at the same time. This allows us to make improvements to the new service based on user feedback and ensure that the new service is as good as possible, before we retire the old service.

We plan to move to the new service completely by July 2019.

We listened to users and what they want

The new service aims to make it easier for you to complete your notification correctly. It also addresses several issues that users have told us they find confusing. We have been collecting this feedback through user research since November 2017.

In addition to making it easier to successfully complete, the new service also allows you, once you have sent your notification, to provide some initial information immediately to Acas.

It’s confidential – as always

The information you provide to start conciliation can only be used for conciliation. It provides a good basis for your discussions with Acas but is not linked to any future employment tribunal application.

The information you provide to Acas in this way, is, as has always been the case, confidential to the conciliation process. It cannot be used as evidence in an employment tribunal, nor discussed with your employer without your permission.

Making ‘Beta’ better

We think our new version makes significant improvements on the original service. It is however at the ‘Beta’ stage, which means it is still under development and there may be areas where further work is required to make the process as good as possible.

If you have any feedback on the new service or spot any issues that you think need working on, please tell us by clicking 'Did you get the information you need from this page?' below.